Knitting Row Counter


Knitting Row Counter


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Cocoknits' founder, Julie Weisenberger, tried hard to elevate the perception of knitting in the wider world. She witnessed her knitting students count their rows with cheap-looking, colored plastic row counters over the years made her sad. She wanted a high-quality row counter that she wouldn’t be embarrassed to use in public. She worked with an engineer to create the Cocoknits' translucent, matte-finish counter with magnified numbers, a lock, and a steel backing so it sticks magnetically to the Maker’s Keep.


  • Windows magnify numbers
  • Steel back means it can attach to your Maker's Keep
  • Constructed of high-quality, translucent polycarbonate


To count your rows:

  • Depress the top button to advance the numbers
  • Reset the numbers by turning the side wheels
  • Move the switch at the bottom to lock the row counter