Loopy Mango Three Musketeers Interchangeable Set Needles


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Make 9 different combinations with Loopy Mango "Three Musketeers" Interchangeable Knitting Needles.  Perfect for all Loopy Mango Merino No. 5 projects - use shorter cables for beanies, sleeves on sweaters and cardigans, and longer cables for scarves, shawls, and the panels of the sweaters.  

Needles are packaged in a durable clear ziplock bag - you will never lose parts of the needles and can see exactly what's inside.  Needle sizes are color coded with the size stamped right on the needle - size 19 is pink, size 17 is turquoise, and size 15 is yellow.  

All for one and one for all!

Made in USA

Needle Sizes:

US15 (10 mm)

US17 (12 mm)

US19 (15 mm)

Lengths (tip to tip):

20'' (50 cm)

24'' (60 cm)

32'' (80 cm)

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